Another Week, Same Old Story

Ok, here we go.  My weekend was alright and eventful.  The only problem is that I barely did any work that was required of me, except what was due today.  So guess what; it’s time for another all nighter!

So let’s run through the list for tonight:

  • 2 Religion Reflection Papers
  • Math Homework
  • Speech on “The Rise of Apple”
  • Find and read “Into the Wild” (I admit upfront that this probably won’t happen since I cant find the book anywhere)
  • Review Plato’s Five Dialogues for the Exam

Wish me luck, folks!


And here…we….go

Once again, crap load of work in so little time. I’ve already had to deal with helping my room ate study for our test tomorrow; the review was helpful of course, but in a Religion class, it wasn’t required on my part.

I made a girl my Valentine today; her reaction led me to believe she liked it. Unfortunately, not two hours later she was flirting with other guys while ignoring me on the other side of the room. Hurt. And disappointed. I realize that I never technically asked her out and there isn’t a ring on her finger or anything like that, but I still got the idea that she wasn’t taking my obvious feelings into consideration. Oh well. The only way to think of it now is that, once I’m officially transferred out of this school, all she will remember me by is the rose I gave her and the rose pedals that spelled “Be my valentine?”

Anyways, sorry for drifting. I have a lot of stuff to do tonight. I planned on doing it all over the course of the weekend, but I decided that its in my best interests to go home and take a break from this bullshit school.

That’s another thing. I’m trying to help my friend out by holding onto her cigarettes and monitoring her use of them. The problem is that she’s given me full rights to smoke them so she doesn’t have to. Now I’m back to smoking again! I lover her to death and I’m just trying to look after her, but now I’m bringing up the same problems I had hoped to disintegrate! This is not what I have in mind of a good time.

I’m sorry. I’ve got a lot on my mind as you can tell. Back to the main subject at hand.

-I’ve got two response papers to write for that Religion class that are technically due on Monday, but I’d rather bust my but and do them before I go home then do them Sunday night.

-I have an Information Literacy project due on Sunday night, but that is almost finished already. I’m just going to submit online it once I’m finished with it.

-I have to read most of the book “Into the Wild.” I’ve already seen the movie a few times and loved it, and we will also be watching it again in class. I’m pumped but here’s the problem; I can’t find the damn book! Not sure if I lost it or forgot to get it entirely, but either way I have to get that done for Monday even if I have to buy it again somewhere. the other but minor issue is that as part of the class we have to answer a question online about it where we discuss the reading in a forum board like manner, and that will be due Sunday night. Either way, I better hall ass on this one.

– I have some Statistics homework as well, but that’s just like 10 problems on probability; I don’t think that will be a major time killer.

-it is also in my best interests to review Plato’s Five Dialogues, which I’m going to have an essay based exam on on Monday.

That’s basically what’s on my plate for the rest of the night, technically morning. I ALS want to incorporate meditation though. Oh, that’s another thing; I went to see a psychic. Long story short, I have to let go of all my guilt to move forward in the future whilst it hold me back while also listening to my intuitive inner voice so that I may reach beyond my own personal expectations. One way he said could help this along was meditation. I used to do it occasionally when I was younger, but then I got hallucinogens that took away the desire to do that. But since that’s the old me, it’s time to meditate!

Well, I’ve certainly put my heart and thoughts into this post lol. See you all on the other side!

*Cue Final Fantasy Victory Dance*

I made it through the day! Now, nighty night world! I’ll see you tomorrow!

I think I can, I think I can…

Alright, that’s two classes down.  Just work study and one more class!  After that, I’ll probably hit the gym and pass out for an extremely early night.

A Long Day Ahead

So I have my Philosophy class just now, in which I have a test in next meeting.  Now I just have to truck along through my other two classes and two hours of work study.  If I can pull this off, maybe I will finally believe in the existence of a higher power. 

Productive Night/Morning so far

Well in the process of these many hours, I’ve managed to do a decent amount of work:

  • Read Plato’s last two dialogues (I just read the final one Phaedo)
  • Read the 54 page behemoth Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau.
  • Reviewed my Statistics problems for the test (the test isn’t until tomorrow so I will study more tonight).  
  • Organized sources for one of my speeches (I didn’t outline either of them though). 
  • Find out the last day I can withdraw from a course (March 21). 

Most importantly though, when I needed a break, I began breaking down my dream company down to its various divisions and individual projects.  In doing so, I’ve realized how massive of an undertaking I’ll have on my hands if this comes true.  I will probably need to cut down and let go of many projects since realistic finances won’t allow me to make them all unfortunately.  Of course, once again to be realistic, each project has very little chance of being brought forth into the world given to the tough economy that probably will not recover by the time I’m out of school. Oh well, good thing I have several years to sort it out.

I’m Awake!

Well, sorta.  I took a 45 minute nap just now.  I woke up to find my friends hacking my Facebook, but in an amusing way so I’m not mad.  But no its time to get back to work.  Next stop- Information Literacy project!

Civil Disobedience

Thoreau’s essay has a few interesting point I’d like to highlight. 

  • On pages 6 and 7 of the essay, Thoreau elaborates on the many inheritances and professions of the men of his day.  He then points out that most men get caught up in such trivial things and don’t appreciate the “fruits” as he calls them.  An applicable analogy for modern America’s business-crazed barons? Perhaps.  
  • On page 8, there’s a direct quote the jogged some deja vu while proving very powerful; “The mass of men lead quit lives of desperation.”  So true; most people are not happy with what they have and are desperate for a more enjoyable existence. Sad really.

I’ll be perfectly honest, most of the essay beyond those first few pages made no sense to me.  But that’s why we have class tomorrow.  Now, on to the next item on the list…

More corrections

Also, to correct my list again, I do not have to read Thoma Aquinas but instead I must read Henry David Thoreau.  And the selection is a PDF that has scanned 54 pages of one of his writings (compiled into 27 actual pages into the PDF).  Wish me luck.

Plato’s Meno

I just finished skimming the dialogue of Plato’s that I had to read, Meno.  I will read it more thoroughly later on, but in the interests of saving time, I’ll just take what I know and move on. 

That being said, the dialogue poses an interesting yet undeniable problem with the idea of deep thought; one cannot ask about what one is not aware of.  It’s a similar concept to when you “think you’ve seen it all” and then you see something so outlandish that proves you wrong.  But it is because of this problem that we will never know what life is or is fully capable of.  There could be any number from one to a billion of factors, concepts, or entities that we are unaware of in the world, which means that we are unable to account for what their actions are if that is their intended purpose. 

In other words, we will never know how the universe works because we are, at least not fully, unaware of what it really is.  Interesting indeed.